Paperless intelligence!!! Digitalised records can be securely accessed anywhere, simultaneously within the shortest instance.

In achieving this, we offer the following services:

Physical Archiving


Why share your beautiful office space with paper?

We store all your records in our secured archival location built specifically to that purpose. We encourage our clients for focus on the growth of their businesses, while we take care of their record storage needs. Our archive facility has been built to highest standards in security, fire fighting equipment, temperature control equipment and suitable storage space for your documents.

DataMax offers the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality ensuring that only authorised personnel gain access to your documents

Document Digitisation


Research has shown that 60% of professionals spend useful searching for previous records which leads to lower productivity and lower job satisfaction. With our electronic document management system, you will spend less time searching for documents and leverage on organisational history for making decisions and performing tasks.


- Central document repository  -Quick search and retrieval  -Online and offline access
- Access on desktop - web and mobile platforms -Document history and audit trails
- Security based a named access control list

Workflow automation


We offer extensive and business-tailored workflow automation to streamline your business processes. With workflow automation, you can be sure of efficient and effective business processes within your organisation. Our workflow automation offers access from within and outside the office building, email notifications/reminders, process history, audit trails and security.

Secured Confidential Destruction


We offer safe and confidential destruction of documents that are no longer needed or have met the stipulated regulation.

Let us work together to deploy an effective document management service for your company